Use Apple To Control Your Home
Use Apple To Control Your Home -
Crestron integration with Apple is the perfect marriage of content and technology to create the perfect home entertainment system. Control audio, video, lights, shades and thermostats directly from your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Crestron Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide a world of possibilities for GUI design and control. Create cool Flash animated interfaces, and enjoy the power of whole house network control from any Mac.

Crestron Mobile Pro® G transforms your iPad or Android device into a virtual Crestron touch panel. Turn on your favorite tune or set the perfect mood lighting, all from the stunning screen of the iPad. On the go? Take the iPad with you and control your home's climate and security anywhere using 3G or WiFi.
Outdoor Entertaining
Outdoor Entertaining -
Do you like being outdoors, but you like having your audio/video follow you outdoors? We have the solution for you! Anything that is indoors can be taken outdoors with AVEnthusiast's technologies! What was that? You missed your favorite line of music while diving under water in the pool? Not if you call AVEnthusiast, we can put under water speakers in your pool so that you don't miss a single word! Tell the "Jone's" to keep up with that...
Custom Home Theater
Custom Home Theater -
A dedicated private cinema room is a room in which the environment has been precisely designed & engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment.
Complete Lighting Control
Complete Lighting Control -
Go green and save money by installing new fixtures or replacing existing lights with an energy efficient design. Custom tailored lighting control will allow you to change the mood of any area of your home to suit the occasion.
Media Rooms
Media Rooms -
See and hear precisely what was intended by the artists you enjoy. Our designers have the expertise, creativity, and craftsmanship to exceed the theater-goin experience.
Music Throughout The Home
Music Throughout The Home -
In the past, for music to be heard in several rooms, the volume had to be turned up so loud that anyone standing near the towering speakers had to shout. Not anymore.
Futuristic Home Automation
Futuristic Home Automation -
Windows are a key design element in any residence. However, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the light that surrounds us.
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance -
With cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activity whether you are in the house or halfway around the globe. We can route your security system through a central monitoring system, alerting you via email or text message of events that you set.